After months of negotiations London RHC have finally found the capacity to formally begin youth recruitment due to a deal with roller skating organisation RollaDome.

RollaDome All Skate is a registered charity that offers roller skating throughout the UK with everything from first-time roller skating lessons into roller sports… and now roller hockey is joining the party!

RollaDome All Skate introduces roller skating in a fun and relaxed environment, and there is more than just roller skating available. They also have Young leader’s programs, DofE and Sports Leaders training.

London RHC will work in collaboration with RollaDome to offer skating lessons and recruit keen youngsters into the fast-paced, exciting and enjoyable sport of roller hockey.

For more information please contact us at



Due to a high level of interest from ladies to join London RHC, we are looking to create the first female team at the club.

With interest ranging from around the world, this could be a very exciting prospect, but for anything to happen now we need you to register your interest at your earliest convenience.

Simply e-mail for more information.ladies


London RHC are absolutely delighted to announce their new Head Coach for 2017-18, Marc Gisbert Lacruz, who replaces the outgoing Kos Galtos following a player vote at the club’s AGM.

We took some time to ask Marc some questions on his new role at the club, as well as some information on the man himself who you’ll be seeing a lot more of over the next 12 months.

Q: How does it feel to officially become Head Coach of the Dragons?
A: Well first of all let me say thank you to former coach Kos for the great job he did with the team and the two successful years they had at the club. I’d also like to say thank you to the players and the executive committee, especially the President Nik for entrusting me with this huge opportunity. It makes me feel very good, but also with a bit of vertigo for the season we have in front of us. It’s a huge responsibility to represent the name of London all over the country and abroad. However, I’m also very excited and determined to have a very successful season and in the years to come.

Q: What are your first impressions of the squad and the club?
A: For me it was a big shock the first time I came to train with the team and speak with some of the members of the team – who by the way are all very welcoming. When you come from another country where, when I was a kid, we used to play hockey on the streets and wait for the following Sunday to see your local idols face teams like, Barça, Reus, Liceo… it’s quite shocking to see how people like you guys work hard to keep hockey alive and the passion and determination in all of those at the club, even with the difficulties to train without a proper rink. I had a great impression, however, and that made me more determined to join London RHC as a Head Coach.

Q: What are your main targets at London RHC both on and off the rink?
A: First of all to keep this family feeling good both inside the locker room and outside the rink; I think this is basic. If you keep this morale high then everything is much, much easier. Basically, inside the rink I want my team to fight for all the main targets every season: the Premier League title, the National Cup and the SECRHA Seniors League. I want my team to be a very difficult team to beat, and if we have options to fight for all this in the first season then I’ll be more than happy. Off the rink, the main target is help the club to keep growing in the right direction. We are working to build an academy with young players, which we are confident of starting this year.

Q: Why should people want to join London?
A: They just have to pop in one training session and they will figure it out by themselves. The main reason is simple: if they love hockey and love London, then this is their place, this is where they have to be… We have some very good players, people of varying ages and backgrounds, and the boys are very accommodating. After every home game they go out for dinner and drinks together. It’s more than just hockey here.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this season?
A: I am looking forward to seeing London RHC play as a block, as a proper team with the hope at the end of the season for the players to play automatically in various situations. We want to build a strong tactical base and then a successful team from there. This season my main target with the squad is to reflect on the rink what I have in my mind. If we get that it will be a very fun season for us all.

About Marc Gisbert Lacruz:
As a player I started in my home town where we used to play hockey on the streets. When I decided to join the local club, I was so bad on the rink they put me in goal… As a player I played in Club Patí Flix: my first team and my home town. I played there until I was 19 and then years after as a senior. It was the other teams where I got really involved as a player, Voramar ETP Clot (where I had maybe the best years as a player, with a great group of players), FC Martinenc, CP Sant Just, CP Molins de Rei and then Back to Club Patí Flix. As a coach I had roles in CP Sant Just, Molins de Rei and Flix, coaching beginners up to seniors.

Welcome to the club, coach.



Today is a very sad day for London Roller Hockey Club, as 2016-17 club captain Albert Miralles has officially left the club.

In February 2017 Albert left the Dragons to take a fantastic career opportunity in Madrid, but remained an integral part of the squad with regular advice, messages of support and even maintaining the captain’s armband during the club’s Spring Tour to Barcelona.

During his 2 years with London RHC Albert displayed professionalism, camaraderie, teamship and loyalty that was second to none. Alongside this his presence on the rink brought an aura of calmness and integrity to his team, especially during difficult moments. Not to mention his outstanding skill and goalscoring ability.

On behalf of all of your brothers at London RHC we wish you the very best of luck in Madrid, but know we will see you very soon.

Once a Dragon, always a Dragon.

Premier League 2017

After the victory over Manchester RHC, London have completed the first 50% of their first Premier League campaign.
Today the team take on Soham RHC at The Den (London’s home rink based next to Millwall FC).
Their first meeting at the start of this season proved to be an exciting match, ending with a 2-2 draw, with both teams showing the crowd exactly what roller hockey is about.
Come down to The Den later for a 14:30 start, with free entry, to watch another exciting and high action match!


Premier League 2017

London RHC are playing their 7th game of their inaugural season, and their first game of 2017, away to Manchester RHC tonight…

The team all met around 11:45, all high spirited after the Christmas break, loaded their equipment into the team minibus and set off on the 250 mile journey north.

Tonights team for this match is:

Dan Milne (GK), Albert Miralles (C), Joe Gotts, Iñaki Arroyo, Jim Seal-Driver, Michael Maruszak, Joan Nualart & Harry Chittenden. Not to forget Kos Galtos (Coach), Marc Gonzalez (Statistics) & Neil Chittenden (Mechanic).

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and photos from our journey!

Full match report to follow later