Gisbert’s Views

Head Coach of London RHC, Marc Gisbert, takes time to give his thoughts on last season and what he expects from the team in a very exciting year for the club.

Q: What is your summary of last season? 
Best season so far for London RHC, in terms of numbers and the way we played. We faced the best teams in the country and we put them against the ropes. It’s not easy when every year you need to adapt new players to the team and have 2 hours training a week and one game every 5 weeks, but as I said, we did a very good season. I’m proud of every single player who competed for us last season. My aim was, when I started with the Head Coach role, to be fighting for the league my second year in charge, and we did, now there’s just one way to improve that, and we will try to make that step sooner than later.

Q: What are your objectives for the year ahead?
Same objectives as last season – keep improving personally and as a team, try to reach Europe again, and keep the name of London the highest we can on the table. Assemble a competitive team for the Premier League and give minutes in SECRHA and Kent League to the players with less opportunities in major competitions. 

Q: Who do you think will compete for the title?
Obviosuly King’s Lynn are by far the favourites, they’ve been abusing almost every single team in the country for the last 4 years and they won all those deserved leagues quite easily. Grimsby will be there same level with Soham and we will try to be a stone on the shoe of all those teams. They have the pressure to win the league again, we don’t. 

Q: How excited are you for the European Cup? 
Very! It’s a huge opportunity for all of us. The result is not important for us, it’s a price, something for the players to enjoy and have minutes in a big continental tournament. I can’t understand how teams refuse to play in Europe, besides money. We did a huge effort this summer to raise some money and try to make everything more affordable for players and the club, and our will is to play in Europe as many times as we can.

Q: How will you embed the new players and keep a large squad happy?
The three new players will have a huge responsibility, first of all to replace Iñaki and Yago inside the rink, which is a huge task, and then they will have to understand our system and roles inside our playing book. I like to improve the system and give more to the players every season so will be almost the same for all of them. They need to give sacrifice, empathy and team effort, the rest will come on its own.

Q: Tell us about your goalkeepers
Carlos was with us last season, a very experienced keeper, Portuguese Champion with Benfica, very dynamic and quick under the sticks, he will give us a lot. Lucas is one of the future goalkeepers in the country, he came to compete, get the minutes, learn and grow by our side, he’s our future, and England’s future for sure, he will get his chances with no pressure at all. Both of them have also the huge responsibility to replace Mia under the posts, a great goalkeeper, one of the best goalkeepers of the league who gave us so much, he will be missed for sure.