Interview: Jim Seal-Driver

LRHC: First of all, Welcome back Home Jim, how do you feel about it?

JSD: I’m excited to be back!

LRHC: How did you see hockey from a distance during your absence?

JSD: I followed the results on Facebook but I missed seeing my mates, being part of a team and obviously playing the sport I love!

LRHC: When did you realise that you wanted to play hockey again?

JSD: As soon as I put my skates on at a training session before COVID kicked in.

LRHC: What do you expect personally from 2020/21 season ?

JSD: To train, play and have fun with team mates.

LRHC: You know most of the players and the coach, what you will add to the team?

JSD: I’ll do a job when I’m playing but don’t expect worldies from me!

LRHC: What you expect from the team?

JSD: The dragons should be challenging to win or come close to winning the league.

LRHC: Your last season was the best season so far for London RHC, do you think the club can repeat that season?

JSD: Yes, there are some really talented players and we can play great hockey on our day.

LRHC: Looking forward to see your teammates, and new additions and start training again?

JSD: I can’t wait to get my skates back on!

LRHC: Thanks for the interview Jim, we wish you all the best, your success will be our success, feel free if you want to say something for our Social Media Followers.

JSD: ❤️ to all our 🐉 fans and followers