The Captain’s Thoughts

London RHC captain Michael Maruszak gives his thoughts on the 2018-19 campaign, what’s in store for 2019-20 and how he felt about competing in the World Roller Games for Australia this summer.

First of all congratulations on your results at the World Games. How do you feel that went for you and team Australia?

Thank you. The World Roller Games was an amazing experience and I feel blessed to be able to have been a part of it. The Australian team is a mix of experienced and young players and playing in the top 16 is a huge step up for Australia. It was an epic achievement to make the top 16 and for us it’s about continually improving to now cement that spot in future years. Personally I feel I contributed and brought some experience to the team. Looking forward the Australian team will be targeting the 2020 Asia Games to try and get that top 16 spot for San Juan 2021.

How do you think London can build on their performance from last season and what do you expect to see from the team?

The 2018/19 season was a great  result for London and an improvement on the previous year. For the upcoming season there will be some significant changes to that squad which we will have to adapt to. However the core of the squad and team culture still exist and I see no reason for London not to improve again on last year and be a competitor for the Premier League title. We have some great players coming in to replace key players that have left over the summer, but I’m sure they are up to the task.

What will be key to mounting another Premier League title challenge this season?

Consistency over the entire campaign is super important. You simply cannot have bad games in the Premier League with how competitive it is. Last year we drew some key games which we really needed to win in order to keep the pressure on the top of the table. Having a large squad helps in consistency as it spreads the load of a long season.  

A lot of competitions this season and a large squad, how do you think you will fare with so much demand?

I guess this is answered in two parts: the team will adapt and different players will be played in different competitions and different parts of the season to maximum the performance of the squad.  Personally it’s about keeping fit, looking after the body and making sure you are in the best shape for as much of the season as possible.

What’s your personal goal over the next 12 months?

Without a doubt the goal for the year is to win the Premier League and to compete strongly in the WS Europe Cup. It’s a huge year for the club and I’m super excited for it to start.  Personally for me it’s about being in the best shape I can be at age 35/36 and contributing where I can to maximize the performance and results of this great club.